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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2nd Post : Nick Florio

Our last post featured celebrity Chris Brochu, but this time, lets take a look at a regular person. Gorgeous Football Stud Nicholas Florio as seen in his pics below.

Here are two photos with Nick alongside another good looking friend, but not good looking enough to make it in our books. Nick's still #1.

Nick Florio (His Facebook). Age 17, hails from Florida. The sunny, beachy area is definitely home to alot of sexy studs and cuties alike. Nick Florio aka Big Daddy Flo as initiated by his facebook definitely represents that! He has dreamy brown eyes and really pretty black hair with great facial features which allows him on this site :) He looks Latino but can also be Italiano?? Idk. Either Latino or Italiano, he is definitely a STUD!

Thanks Abby for the pics and info.

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