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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1st Post : Chris Brochu

We had our introduction post featuring the gorgeous Shay Mitchell, but now for our official first post, we found someone who is EXTREMELY gorgeous! His name....Christopher Brochu.

Chris Brochu (His Twitter). Age 20, is definitely one of the most gorgeous young adult teen stars we've ever seen! Yet not a unique look, Chris Brochu has some of the most bluest, gorgeousest eyes we've seen in a while! That pops out on his face and you definitely pay notice. Mixed with his bad boy rugged look and clean cut look, its hard to resist the beauty that is Chris Brochu. He definitely represents an ALL american boy with a mix of German probably? Idk. He currently stars on Lemonade Mouth as Ray the bad boy jock and Soul Surfer as Timmy the older brother. He is also genetically an older brother to actor of Sonny With a Chance, Doug Brochu who is no where as hot. But still both good actors :)

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