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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4th Post : Armando Marquez

Our previous post was the beautiful Caribbean bred, Kristy Agar. Now we have a sexy hunk of a man...or should I say teen...Armando Marquez

Armando Marquez (His facebook currently seems to be de-activated). Age 17 is an absolute hunk in our eyes. Not to mention how gorgeous those outstanding hazel eyes on him are. Even though his look isnt entirely unique and exotic, something about it makes u just stop and stare...apart from his good looks of course. Located in El Salvador, he obviously has latin in him and he has that classic latin look to top it off. There's no doubt what his heritage is.
Even though you can still see the milk on his face at times...dont deny the fact that he's beautiful.

Thanks Isabel for the pics and info :)

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